Event Details

The EMIGALA 2021 was held on

July 14, 2021, at Hilton Hotel,

Al Habtoor City - Al Joud Ballroom,

Starting 06:30 PM Dubai time.


The EMIGALA Fashion recognition award will be presented to Arab & International fashion designers, contributors, magazines & celebrities contributing to the fashion industry.

Star of the Night award

The Fashion Jury committee present during the Red Carpet segment will choose 6 attendees with outstanding outfits to receive the Star of the Night awards.


Where Fashion & Art Meet

A lot of personalities throughout the decades managed to shock the world with their personalities, attitudes & lifestyle, and among them was the late fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. She astonished the entire world and quickly became an inspiration to many, especially to the fashion industry, where many considered her daring and liberating looks as a source of inspiration to further develop their own identities. The first edition of the EMIGALA Fashion awards will be dedicated to the late fashion icon Marilyn Monroe.